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Bing Chat Enhances Mobile Integration with New Features

Microsoft's two new features make for tighter Bing Chat integration when using multiple devices.


Microsoft has unveiled two significant updates to Bing Chat, aimed at enhancing its integration with mobile devices, specifically Android smartphones and iPhones.

Microsoft Launcher Integration

The first of these features is the integration of Bing Chat with Microsoft Launcher, an Android home screen replacement. Users of Microsoft Launcher will now find Bing Chat seamlessly incorporated into their Android home screen. This means that when they utilize the search box, they will have access to Bing Chat features similar to those available on the web and Microsoft Edge on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Continue on Your Phone

The second feature, aptly named “Continue on Phone,” allows users to transition their AI chats from the web version of Bing Chat to their mobile devices. When users hover to the top right of their current chat, a “Continue on phone” button becomes visible. Clicking on this button generates a QR code, which users can scan with their mobile device, allowing them to pick up the conversation right where they left off.

Official Announcements and Context

These updates were officially announced in Bing’s Preview Release Notes and are part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to provide a more cohesive and integrated user experience across devices. The “Continue on Phone” feature, in particular, seems reminiscent of the previously discontinued “Continue on PC” feature from the Timeline days, albeit with a focus on mobile integration.

Microsoft continues to frequently improve Bing Chat with regular updates for the AI search chatbot. Earlier this month, Microsoft made several map-related updates. Microsoft has enabled smartphone users to access live traffic reports via Bing Maps. These reports encompass notifications about accidents, suggested routes, and proposed departure times.

Also this month, Microsoft increased the Bing Chat character limit to 8,000 for each response. Microsoft is introducing other improvements to Bing Chat. New plugins have been made available, and an Enterprise mode is set to launch as a separate product priced at $5 per user monthly. Furthermore,  users now have the option to utilize command prompts within the Bing Chat sidebar, enabling them to modify browser settings, including themes.

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