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Microsoft Edge to get AI-Powered Writing Tool

A new Microsoft Edge feature speculated for release will allow users to select text tone and format of their preference, ranging from professional to casual.


Microsoft Edge is reportedly close to introducing a transformative AI writing feature that could redefine our interaction with online content. user Leopeva64 has shared their discovery of the AI writing option in Edge, showcasing its capabilities through GIFs.

Powered by OpenAI´s GPT-4

This feature, powered by OpenAI GPT-4, will allow users to select text on a webpage and have it rephrased in a tone and format of their preference, ranging from professional to casual. Users can also choose from various formats like emails, blog posts, or simple paragraphs. Currently, this tool is in its testing phase with a select group of users in the Canary version of Chromium Edge.

The feature is powered by Bing Chat and offers multiple tones for rewriting text. The main objective seems to be simplifying the user experience. With the toggle enabled, users can directly select a text segment, such as a reply, and click the “Rewrite” option, eliminating the need to open a sidebar or paste text.

Benefits and Concerns

While the AI tool promises to assist budding bloggers and writers by ensuring error-free content, it also raises concerns about originality and plagiarism. The web-integrated nature of this tool makes it challenging to discern if a piece of content is AI-generated or manually crafted.

This could potentially lead to a surge in plagiarized content, where individuals could easily modify existing content and claim it as their own. 's rapid integration of AI into its products, especially after the success of Bing AI, underscores the need for caution and responsible deployment.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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