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Intel Makes Thunderbolt 5 Official, Promising Speeds of up to 120Gbps

Thunderbolt 5 addresses the growing bandwidth needs of users, ensuring quality visuals for high-res displays and low-latency demands.


Intel has officially announced the launch of Thunderbolt 5, the next generation of its popular connectivity standard. This new version promises a significant boost in speed, offering up to 120Gbps, a major increase from the 40Gbps supported by Thunderbolt 4. This enhancement is achieved through a feature termed “Bandwidth Boost,” which activates when a high-bandwidth display is connected. In standard mode, Thunderbolt 5 will provide 80Gbps bidirectional speeds.

Thunderbolt is a technology that lets you connect different devices to a computer with one cable. It can transfer data, video, audio, and power very fast. and made Thunderbolt, and it has different versions that use different connectors. Thunderbolt can connect multiple devices and multiple 4K displays. 

Enhanced Compatibility and Features

Built on the USB4 v2 standard, Thunderbolt 5 ensures compatibility with previous Thunderbolt versions and USB iterations. This advancement is not just about speed; it's about versatility. The technology is ideal for docking laptops to multiple displays, supporting multiple 8K monitors, three 4K monitors at 144Hz, and a minimum charging power of 140 watts, extending up to 240 watts. Jason Ziller, the general manager of the client connectivity division at Intel, emphasized, “Thunderbolt is now the mainstream port for connectivity on mobile PCs, and delivering the next generation of performance with Thunderbolt 5 will provide even more capability for the most demanding users.”

The increasing bandwidth needs of content creators, gamers, and professionals are evident. With the rise in high-resolution displays and the demand for low-latency visuals, Thunderbolt 5 is designed to cater to these requirements, ensuring users experience top-tier visuals and immersive experiences for years to come. Intel's collaboration with ensures that Thunderbolt 5 is fully USB 80Gbps standard compliant, supporting the next generation of high-performance displays, storage, and connectivity.

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