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Samsung Collaborates with Google and Qualcomm on Advanced XR Headset

Samsung and Qualcomm's "Project Moohan" XR headset could be announced in October despite previous reports of delays.


Samsung is in the advanced stages of developing a cutting-edge extended reality (XR) headset in collaboration with tech giants Google and Qualcomm. Developed under the codename “Project Moohan,” This new device is rumored to possess the capability to allow users to smell virtual environments and objects, a feature that could redefine the immersive experience in virtual reality. This information was revealed by a reliable leaker, @Tech_Reve, who also highlighted that the headset will boast an impressive 3,000 ppi pixel density1.

Technical Specifications and Launch Details

The XR headset is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm XR processor, a departure from earlier speculations that hinted at Samsung’s Exynos 2200 chip as the power source. Additionally, the device will operate on an OS co-developed with Google.

Samsung has scheduled the unveiling of this XR headset at the LSI Tech Day, set to take place on October 5 in San Jose. This event promises discussions on future technologies, including AI, 5G, and machine vision. In August, there were rumors that Project Moohan was delayed because Samsung had concerns whether the headset could compete with Apple’s Vision Pro. 

It seems the company has decided to press ahead with a launch, and will perhaps try to differentiate the XR headset from the Apple Vision Pro. Apple made a big move at WWDC 2023 when it announced its intention to release a high-end AR device priced at $3,499, known as the Apple Vision Pro

A Glimpse into Samsung’s XR Journey

Samsung is no newcomer to the realm of virtual reality. Between 2015 and 2017, the tech behemoth launched several Gear VR headset models that worked in conjunction with Galaxy models. However, the upcoming XR headset is anticipated to be a standalone device, not restricted to Galaxy models. This development follows Samsung’s earlier endeavors, such as the Gear VR that required a Samsung Galaxy device for its display and processing.

We have previously seen leaked specifications for the “Galaxy XR” headset. It is equipped with four outward-facing tracking cameras, likely used for positional tracking. Additionally, it incorporates dual RGB cameras for color pass-through and a depth sensor for hand and environmental tracking. The design includes OLED microdisplays and pancake lenses, resulting in a slim visor appearance.

Meta and LG are Also Working on a Headset

Last week I reported on Meta and LG entering the XR headset market with a co-developed device. Meta already attempted to pre-empt Apple’s push into the market, launching the Meta Quest 3 in June. The joint venture aims to introduce a device that can compete head-to-head with Apple’s offering. The product, speculated to be named ‘Meta Quest 4 Pro’, signifies a high-end specification.

By collaborating with LG, Meta aims to challenge Apple’s ‘Vision Pro’, while LG sees this as an opportunity to deeply penetrate the metaverse market. Once production is finalized, various components from LG Group affiliates are anticipated to be incorporated.

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