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Microsoft Announces Surface Duo’s End-of-Life Software Status

Microsoft's new strategy further aligns with their official three year support policy for Android-powered devices.


has officially signaled the end of software support for its dual-screen Android device, the Surface Duo. This update arrives approximately three years after the smartphone was released.

Microsoft's innovative Surface Duo, known for its dual-screen design and seamless integration, won't be a part of Microsoft's support list moving forward. This shift essentially concludes software maintenance and support facilities for this distinct gadget.

This strategic move aligns with Microsoft's declared product lifecycle for their Android-powered devices. As emphasized on their official product lifecycle page, a three-year support tenure is the norm for such commodities.

Implications for Duo Users

enthusiasts should note that this end-of-life announcement implies no forthcoming software enhancements or security reinforcements. The gadget's one-of-a-kind mix of Android and Microsoft features paved the way for a unique user interface. However, the Surface Duo failed to gain traction and caused as many problems as it solved. 

It's pivotal for patrons to grasp that, although operational, the device's absence of forthcoming updates might escalate its vulnerability to potential security risks. Buggy software and a lack of support for the two screens have halted the Duo.

Reviews were tepid, with most praising the hardware and lamenting the overall experience. Microsoft improved the device for the , but there were still glaring issues. So while it is disappointing, it makes plenty of sense that Microsoft is ditching the device.

There have been reports that Microsoft is going to kill off the Duo series. The Surface Duo 2 is already over 2 years old and has not been replaced. In January, I reported that Microsoft is willing to ditch the Duo experiment in favor of a more traditional single-screen device. Although, a patent from Microsoft in August suggests the company is still exploring hinges for folding screen devices

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