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Amazon Introduces New Policy for AI-Generated Book Content

The introduction of this policy follows extensive discussions between Amazon and the Authors Guild.


has updated its content guidelines for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), mandating the disclosure of , including text, images, or translations. This move aims to ensure transparency and accountability for AI-generated content on its platform.

A Response to Growing Concerns

The introduction of this policy follows extensive discussions between Amazon and the Authors Guild. The primary concern has been the potential for AI-generated books to saturate the platform, overshadowing human authors and misleading consumers. The Authors Guild expressed gratitude towards Amazon for considering their concerns and implementing this crucial step towards transparency. The guild emphasized the importance of ensuring that used for generating content are trained on licensed books and journalism. They highlighted the recent trend of AI-generated books climbing Amazon's best-seller lists and the unfair competition posed by content farms mimicking renowned authors.

Distinguishing Between AI-Generated and AI-Assisted Content

Amazon's new policy differentiates between “AI-generated” and “AI-assisted” content. AI-generated content refers to text, images, or translations created solely by AI tools, even if substantial edits are made post-creation. On the other hand, AI-assisted content pertains to material primarily created by authors but refined or improved using AI tools. The policy mandates disclosure only for AI-generated content, not for AI-assisted content.

While Amazon will use this information to shape future policies around AI-generated content, they have not yet committed to adding disclosures to AI-generated book listings outside of KDP. However, the Authors Guild remains optimistic about Amazon's potential move towards full transparency for all AI-generated books across its platforms.

The Authors Guild continues to advocate for similar transparency measures across other major platforms and publishers, ensuring that readers can make informed choices and that human authors receive the recognition they deserve.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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