Windows Subsystem for Android Gets Platform Enhancements in Latest Update

The update emphasizes the enhancement of platform reliability.

The Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) on has been updated to version 2308.40000.1.0. The update, available through the Windows Insider Program, introduces several enhancements aimed at improving user experience and platform functionality.

Platform Enhancements

The update emphasizes the enhancement of platform reliability. As highlighted in the official GitHub announcement by the maintainer, jaholme, the update brings “improvements to platform reliability and functionality improvements.” Users can expect a more stable environment when operating apps on Windows 11.

Kernel Modifications for ARM and x64 Processors

The update introduces a kernel change to enhance the compatibility of ARM applications on x64 processors. The modification addresses the inherent architectural differences between ARM and x64, allowing a wider array of Android applications to function seamlessly on Windows 11 x64 systems.

Localhost Loopback Feature

The localhost loopback support for the “Local network access” experimental feature stands out in this update. It facilitates developers and professionals working on networked applications within the Windows 11 framework. Applications can now directly communicate with the localhost, making the development and testing phases more efficient.

Improved Clipboard Functionality

Clipboard functionality and reliability has also been improved. Users will experience a more fluid process when transferring content between Android and Windows applications.

Consistent Fullscreen App Behavior

When an Android app operates in fullscreen mode on Windows 11, it will now report “isInMultiWindowMode=false”. This adjustment ensures a uniform behavior across applications, enhancing user experience.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

encourages feedback on the Windows Subsystem for Android. Users can provide feedback via the Feedback Hub under Apps > Windows Subsystem for Android. With Microsoft's evident commitment to refining Android applications within Windows 11, further updates and improvements are anticipated in the future.