Opera GX Integrates Aria AI Browser Assistant

Aria integrates with Opera GX AI Prompts feature, launched earlier this year.

Opera GX, a browser designed for gamers, has integrated a new browser AI named Aria. This integration aims to “enhance the user experience”, offering real-time internet data and immediate answers to user queries.

Aria's Advanced Capabilities

says that it´s Aria AI assistant, powered by Opera's Composer architecture, goes beyond traditional functionalities. It ensures users receive the most up-to-date answers to their questions, allowing them to stay informed. According to the official announcement, users can now “engage in banter” with Aria, “seeking assistance in the digital realm”.

Simplified User Interaction

Opera GX users have a new command line for direct interaction with Aria. By pressing specific keyboard shortcuts, an overlay activates, enabling users to pose questions. Responses from Aria can appear in a sidebar or allow users to continue their browsing session.

Aria integrates with Opera's AI Prompts feature, launched earlier this year. This feature allows users to highlight text within the browser and “receive contextual information”, creating an interactive experience.

Prioritizing User Control

Aria's user experience is opt-in. Users can access Aria by opening the browser AI in the sidebar and logging in or signing up for a free Opera account. Aria is available in over 180 countries and is compatible with various Opera platforms.

Since its 2019 launch, Opera GX offers features optimized for gaming. Features such as CPU, RAM, and Network Bandwidth limiters ensure efficient resource utilization. For more details, visit Opera's official website.

AI Services in Web Browsers

Edge has had the Bing Chat AI search chatbot since March, through a integration. Since then, the company has been frequently improving in Edge, including adding plugins. Furthermore, Microsoft has also expanded Bing Chat to other , including Google Chrome and Apple Safari

Using Bing Chat on Chrome and Safari is not as smooth and seamless as using it on Edge. You have to deal with some trade-offs, such as a shorter prompt length (2,000 words instead of 4,000), a shorter conversation span (five turns instead of 30), and Microsoft's annoying pop-ups that urge you to switch to Edge.