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Substack Unveils AI-Driven Audio Transcription Tools

Substack has introduced AI-powered tools for improved podcasting, including a feature that swiftly generates podcast episode transcripts


Substack, a popular platform for independent writers, has launched a set of AI-powered tools aimed at enhancing the podcasting experience on its platform. 

The primary feature introduced is an AI tool that allows users to generate transcripts of their podcast episodes or narrations swiftly, typically within a minute. After generating the transcript, users have the flexibility to edit the content to their preference. Once finalized, the transcript can be published in a dedicated tab on the episode post page.

Substack is a service that helps people who write or make podcasts to share their work with their fans and get money from them. The platform makes it easy for anyone to start a blog and a newsletter without having to know how to code or use complicated software.

Substack also lets the fans enjoy the content they like, whether it's text, audio, video, or online communities. It has many different kinds of content to choose from, such as art, news, music, sports, religion, and more. You can discover new Substacks or make your own on their website.

In addition to transcription, Substack has introduced a feature to create audiograms. Users can select a specific passage from their transcript, which can then be transformed into an audiogram—a static video with overlaid text and audio. This feature provides podcasters with a unique way to promote their episodes on platforms.

Substack's Perspective on AI

In the official announcement on Substack's blog, the company emphasized its belief in the potential of AI. “We've done this all using cutting-edge , and it reflects our philosophy of not thinking that this AI stuff is ever going to take the place of work done by writers and creators—but instead we think it can give writers and creators super-powers,” said Hamish McKenzie, the author of the announcement. He further added, “In fact, this thing you're reading right now is a transcript that we generated from the audio tool.”

How to Access the New Features

To utilize the new features, users need to:

  1. Navigate to their dashboard.
  2. Create an episode post.
  3. Upload the audio content.
  4. Choose the option to generate the transcript.
  5. Edit and publish the transcript, with an option to display it alongside the episode.

Once the transcript is live, users can select a passage and create an audiogram for social sharing.

Feedback and Future Developments

Substack acknowledges that these tools are in their initial stages and promises improvements based on user feedback. The company is optimistic about the tools' future, stating they “are only going to get better and better.” They also shared positive feedback from early users, highlighting the accuracy and speed of the transcription tool compared to other mainstream options.

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