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Microsoft Developers Earn Less than at Meta, Google, Apple, Amazon

When it comes to total compensation, Microsoft seems to fall behind its competitors.


A recent analysis of compensation data from Blind, a platform where professionals share their pay and job offers, has illuminated the pay bands for software engineers across major .

Blind's comprehensive analysis offers invaluable insights into the compensation strategies adopted by the 's major players. The data, gathered from thousands of professionals, provides a detailed perspective on salary, equity, and bonuses across various job functions and industries.

According to the study, 's approach to job levels for software engineers is quite diverse, potentially allowing for more frequent promotions. However, when it comes to total compensation, the tech behemoth seems to fall behind its competitors, especially until the staff software engineer level.

Detailed Insights from the Analysis

's approach to promotions seems to be more elongated, with the company also exhibiting wide pay bands for its engineers. This structure leads to a notable variation in total compensation among its engineers.

In contrast, might not offer the most competitive compensation in comparison to its peers, but it stands out for its consistency. The company has established a reputation for maintaining fair job levels and pay bands, ensuring that its engineers have a clear understanding of their compensation structure.

, on the other hand, is recognized for its balanced pay bands. Within the tech giant, it's a rarity for an engineer at a junior level to out-earn someone at a more senior position. This consistency ensures that employees are compensated fairly based on their experience and role.

Meta, previously known as Facebook, is leading the pack in terms of compensation. Engineers at Meta not only progress through job levels at a quicker pace but also tend to receive higher compensation than their peers at other leading tech companies.

Blind - Highest Total Compensation in Big Tech

A Closer Look at the Data

Blind's total compensation tool, which was instrumental in this analysis, aggregates numerous data points about salary, equity, and bonuses. This tool doesn't just present raw data; it allows users to compare pay packages and delve deeper into the nuances of compensation. The primary objective of this study was to address pivotal questions about the pay bands for software engineers at Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, and Microsoft. Additionally, it aimed to understand the disparities in total compensation for engineers at similar job levels and the average years of experience required to ascend to specific job levels within these companies.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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