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Microsoft’s Bing Chat Gets New “No Search” Mode

Microsoft is testing a new feature for its Bing Chat chatbot AI service that allows users to turn off web searching.


has begun testing a new feature for its chatbot AI service. This feature allows a select group of users to utilize Bing Chat without the chatbot searching the web for answers.

Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft's head of Advertising and Web Services, shared a screenshot of the “No Search” mode on X, stating, “Some people see this now :-).” Michael Schechter, the Vice President of Microsoft's Bing group, responded to Parakhin's post, expressing, “Excited to get this out to the power users who've been requesting it.

The introduction of the ability to turn off web searching in Bing Chat offers several advantages. Users who wish to use the chatbot for tasks such as solving intricate math problems or coding can now receive direct answers without the chatbot searching the web. This is particularly useful as the chatbot might not typically be able to assist with such queries via web searches. Additionally, some users might prefer to have casual conversations with the chatbot without it sourcing “answers” from the internet.

Currently, the “No Search” feature is accessible to a limited percentage of Bing Chat users. The timeline for its broader rollout remains undisclosed. Microsoft has also hinted at several upcoming features for Bing Chat in the near future. Among these, the company has been testing Bing Chat's compatibility with third-party PC and mobile browsers, including Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari. Furthermore, Microsoft is considering adding support for third-party plug-ins.

Recent Bing Chat Improvements

Microsoft has kept up a consistent schedule of Bing Chat updates since the /chatbot launched in February. In recent weeks, the company has rolled out the following updates, changes, and improvements:

Bing Chat Enterprise for Education: Earlier this week, Microsoft brought Bing Chat Enterprise to its Education customers. It is in preview for Microsoft 365 A3 and A5 faculty users, aiming to enhance search experiences in the education sector. This tool is designed to assist educators in planning lessons and creating content for their students.

Storage Policy Change: Last week, Microsoft made a change to its policies, starting September 30, that allows the company to store “some conversations” from Bing Chat.

Edge Plugin, Mobile Browsers: Earlier this month, Microsoft announced a Bing Chat plugin for Edge and also opened support for the AI search on mobile browsers. Bing Chat began testing on Chrome and Safari desktop browsers in late July. The move to support third-party browsers on both desktop and mobile platforms is a significant step in Microsoft's strategy to make Bing Chat more universally accessible.

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