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Microsoft Enhances Cameo Feature in PowerPoint for Windows and Mac

The feature allows users to embed a small video feed directly into their PowerPoint slides.


Microsoft has unveiled updates to its “cameo” feature in PowerPoint, available for both Windows and Mac platforms. The feature allows users to embed a small video feed, typically from a camera, directly into their PowerPoint slides. Aimed at presentations that wish to incorporate live video content, this addition is now accessible to Microsoft 365 subscribers on the desktop app for both operating systems.

Key Features and Enhancements

Camera Control and Preview: One of the standout features of this update is the ability for users to toggle the camera preview on or off. Additionally, they can switch the camera source during both Slide Show View and Presenter View. This enhancement offers users a greater degree of control, ensuring that the cameo’s display aligns perfectly with the flow of their presentations.

Design Consistency and Freshness: Microsoft has not just focused on functionality but also on aesthetics. The tech giant introduced fresh cameo designs that seamlessly blend with the overall theme of a PowerPoint presentation. This ensures that when users integrate these designs into their slides, there’s a consistent and cohesive look throughout the presentation.

Personalized Styling for Cameo: Taking customization a notch higher, users can now embed a cameo on a single slide, tailor its format, and then uniformly apply this format across all slides. This feature guarantees that the cameo retains a consistent style, enhancing the visual appeal of the presentation.

Insights from Microsoft’s Product Manager

Rolly Seth, a Product Manager on the PowerPoint team, shared his excitement about these enhancements in the official Microsoft 365 Insider blog. He emphasized the company’s commitment to user feedback, stating, “Thanks to many of you who have been using cameo in PowerPoint for Windows and Mac, and have shared your feedback, we acted on some of your suggestions.” Seth’s words underscore Microsoft’s dedication to continuous improvement and user-centric design.

Potential Issues and Availability

While the enhancements are promising, users might face a minor hiccup. If the camera doesn’t appear while using the cameo feature, another application might be accessing the camera. In such cases, the solution is to either select a different camera or turn off the camera for the other application.

For those eager to try out these features, they are currently available to Beta Channel users. Specifically, those on:

  • Windows: Version 2307 (Build 16731.10000) or subsequent versions.
  • Mac: Version 16.76 (Build 23081101) or later.

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Last Updated on April 10, 2024 11:14 am CEST by Markus Kasanmascheff

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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