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Leak Unveils Apple iPhone 15 USB-C Cable Details

Despite the change in cable type, the new iPhones might not offer faster data transmission speeds.


Recent leaks have shed light on the USB-C cable Apple plans to include with the iPhone 15 series. Contrary to expectations of a significant upgrade in data transfer speeds, the cable might only support USB 2.0 data transfer rates, similar to the Lightning cable’s capabilities. This comes from a tweet by Apple researcher Majin Bu, who shared that the iPhone 15 USB-C cable will be 1.6 meters long, surpassing the 1-meter USB-C-to-Lightning cable bundled with the iPhone 14 series.

The European Parliament, European Council, and other groups within the nation bloc have created official legislation that mandates all smartphones and tablets sold in the EU to have USB-C. This regulation will come into effect by 2024.  has taken a similar stance, banning Lightning ports in favor of USB-C. That meant Apple was forced to ditch the Lightning port and finally turn to USB-C after years of rejecting the standard.

Data Transfer Speeds

Despite the change in cable type, the new iPhones might not offer faster data transmission speeds. The USB 2.0 transfer speeds cap at 480Mbps, which is on par with the Lightning cable. However, there’s speculation that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models might come equipped with higher-speed data transfer capabilities. Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously indicated that the new Pro iPhones might support speeds of USB-3.2 or even Thunderbolt 3, which can handle data transfer rates of up to 20Gbps and 40Gbps, respectively.

It’s worth noting that not all USB-C cables are created equal. Some support rapid data transfer, while others might be limited in this regard. In the early days of USB-C, there were instances of cables causing device damage due to misconfigurations, though such issues have become rarer. Some USB-C cables even support “Thunderbolt,” a high-speed data transfer standard, albeit at a higher cost.

Boosted Charging Speeds

Beyond the port change, the iPhone 15 is iPhone 15 Set to Get 35W Fast Charging and USB-C Port – WinBuzzer, potentially reaching up to 35W. This is a substantial increase from the iPhone 14 Pro’s peak rate of 27W. Sources from 9to5Mac have shared that this enhancement could significantly reduce charging times, especially for the Pro Max model.

Variations in USB-C Cables for Different iPhone Models

There’s a possibility that Apple might package different USB-C cables with the Pro and non-Pro iPhone 15 models. This speculation arises from images of USB-C connectors designed for the iPhone 15 series, suggesting that the new phones might support Thunderbolt technology.

MFi Restrictions: A Thing of the Past?

Potential iPhone 15 buyers can look forward to some positive news. Contrary to previous rumors, the iPhone 15 USB-C cables might not come with MFi (Made For iPhone) restrictions. Historically, Apple has limited the functionality of non-MFi third-party accessories, compelling users to purchase directly from the company. However, Majin Bu’s tweet suggests that this might not be the case for the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

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