Microsoft Plans AI Integration for Windows 11 Apps

The company explores to add AI features directly into various of the pre-installed Windows Apps.

is considering the integration of AI-powered features into its Paint application on . As per a report from Windows Central, the tech giant is contemplating the introduction of a feature that would allow users to generate a canvas based on a text prompt.

This AI functionality is expected to be powered by the technology behind Bing Image Creator, which produces images based on user descriptions. An internal mock-up from Windows Central showcases a “Magic Paint” button, accompanied by a sidebar where users can input an image description for generation.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Capabilities

Windows Central's Zac Bowden reports that Microsoft is working on incorporating optical character recognition (OCR) technology into its Camera app and Snipping Tool. This technology would enable the computer to identify and convert text from images into editable and copyable text. The OCR feature in the Camera app would function similarly to Lens or Live Text on iOS, allowing users to capture an image of a sign or document and extract text from it. Additionally, the 's OCR capability would resemble the functionality currently available in Microsoft's PowerToys, which extracts text from screenshots.

Future of AI in Windows

While these AI features are still in the experimental phase, Microsoft is expected to delve deeper into in its next major platform release in 2024. The current AI functionalities being developed for Windows 11 are considered to be at a preliminary level. However, sources suggest that the upcoming release will witness a more profound integration of AI experiences.

Microsoft has already been integrating AI features into Windows 11 via its Microsoft Edge browser where not only Bing Chat, but also a text composer and “Insights” for AI summaries of web-pages, and are available. The recent move to kill the Cortana voice assistant hints at a future integration of more powerful AI-based tools as a replacement. As of now a first implementation of Windows Copilot offers basic features to navigate Windows 11 and to find solutions for common problems. Developers can also now take benefit of the AI coding assistant GitHub Copilot directly from within Windows Terminal.