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Android Gears up to Enhance eSIM Support in the Pixel 8, following Apple’s Move to eSIM-Only iPhones

Google Pixel 8 might ditch the physical SIM card tray, following Apple's lead. The company is also working on an eSIM transfer feature


Rumors are swirling around the upcoming Google Pixel 8 and P, with speculations suggesting that might be ditching the physical SIM card tray, a move reminiscent of 's recent decisions. AssembleDebug highlighted the absence of a SIM card tray in OnLeaks renders of the Pixel 8. Notably, previous renders for Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 models showcased a SIM slot, hinting that this omission might be intentional.

However, leaked videos of the Pixel 8 Pro from May show a visible SIM card slot, leading to further confusion. Amidst these speculations, Google's efforts to enhance eSIM support on have been noted. The shift towards eSIM technology seems inevitable, with Apple's SIM-less 14 series setting a precedent. 

Apple has officially announced the removal of the SIM tray for its eSIM-only iPhone 14 models during its “Far Out” event. This move was anticipated by many, and it has now been implemented, at least in the U.S. Apple highlighted the advantages of eSIM, including enhanced privacy and the ability to add multiple numbers digitally.

While the U.S. sees the introduction of this “big bang” approach, other regions will still have the SIM tray option. However, Apple continues to encourage users to adopt eSIM technology. The growing popularity of eSIM technology, especially in Europe and Asia, indicates a shift towards a cardless future. 

Android's eSIM Transfer Feature

With the rising popularity of eSIMs, especially after Apple's decision to make U.S. iPhones eSIM-only, Android is gearing up to enhance its support for this feature. Google has announced its plans to introduce an eSIM transfer feature in Android, allowing users to transfer their eSIM between devices seamlessly.

Unlike Apple's wireless transfer tool, Google's approach is based on QR codes. This feature is still in development, and its launch date remains undisclosed. The integration of this feature into Android's setup process, especially for Pixel phones, is also being speculated.

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