Apple Unveils New Podcast Tools: Subscription Analytics, Expanded Delegated Delivery, and Linkfire Integration

The new tools allow creators to delve into how listeners interact with their premium subscriptions.

Subscription analytics in Apple Podcasts

has rolled out a series of updates for podcast creators, with the spotlight on the introduction of Subscription Analytics in Apple Podcasts Connect. They allow creators to delve into how listeners interact with their premium subscriptions. Key metrics such as the number of listeners initiating a free trial, conversion rates to paid subscriptions, and estimated proceeds from these subscriptions are now accessible.

Data can be filtered to display real-time analytics over various periods, such as the past month or the previous 30 days. Furthermore, a trends tab offers a visual breakdown of subscribers by status, such as those in their first year versus long-term subscribers. The new features are available to all creators with at least one active subscription and an Admin, Finance, or Legal role in Apple Podcasts Connect.

Delegated Delivery Expansion

Apple is also enhancing its Delegated Delivery offering, which permits creators to publish subscriber episodes directly from their hosting provider's dashboard. The company announced that by the end of the year, more podcast hosting providers, including Audiomeans, Captivate, Podbean, Podspace, and Transistor, will support Delegated Delivery. Notably, Podbean has initiated its support.

Linkfire for Podcasts

Apple is integrating its podcast analytics into the marketing platform Linkfire. The collaboration will enable creators to generate smart links leading to landing pages for their podcasts and measure listener engagement. These landing pages can connect listeners to shows and subscriptions on Apple Podcasts and even link to other platforms, such as social channels, newsletters, and live events. The Linkfire Insights dashboard will provide real-time user engagement data, including anonymized visits and click-through rates. As listeners use these pages to access Apple Podcasts, creators can gain insights into whether a listener has played an episode or followed a show.

Jeppe Faurfelt, Linkfire's co-founder and CCO, commented on the partnership, stating, “Linkfire for Podcasts is an absolute game-changer for podcast marketing.” He emphasized the new marketing capabilities the integration offers while ensuring listener privacy.