Apple-Leak Reveals M5 and A19 Chip Development for 2025 Release

The discovery of chip identifiers suggests that Apple is actively working on them.


References to 's upcoming A19 and M5 silicon chips have been discovered in official Apple code, as reported by MacRumors.

Details from the Leak

According to a tweet by known leaker, @_orangera1n, Apple has commenced work on the A19 and M5 Pro/Max/Ultra SOCs. The tweet also expressed curiosity about the identifiers “0x6033/0x6034.”

A link to the Applewiki shared by the same account included a list of CHIP tags used to identify Apple's chip models. These tags help ensure that incompatible firmwares aren't installed on the wrong hardware.

Implications for Future Devices

Designing major products like the iPhone requires considerable time and effort. Given the long lead times between the initiation of the design process and the actual product launch, it's unsurprising that Apple is already working on components for future iPhone and Mac generations. The company's proprietary M3 line is expected to feature in upcoming MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs.

Further Speculations

While the exact specifications and features of these chips remain undisclosed, the discovery of these chip identifiers suggests that Apple is actively working on them. The existence of codes for chips that might not be released for several years is consistent with Apple's practice of testing chips extensively before integrating them into its products.