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Microsoft to Offer Databricks AI Software on Azure

Databricks offers an AI-driven data analytics platform that assists organizations in constructing their AI models.


is reportedly preparing to introduce a new version of Databricks' artificial intelligence (AI) software on its Azure cloud platform, according to The Information. This move will enable Microsoft to provide Databricks' (ML) and data analytics tools to Azure clients as part of its cloud offerings.

Databricks´Unified AI Framework offers an AI-driven data analytics platform that assists organizations in constructing their AI models. This approach contrasts with 's strategy of creating proprietary AI models and licensing them to collaborators, including Microsoft. The two firms have previously collaborated on products such as , Windows, and Bing.

Meeting Enterprise Demand

By integrating Databricks' software into Azure, Microsoft seeks to address the increasing enterprise demand for bespoke AI tools. Such tools empower businesses to utilize AI in applications specifically designed for their unique operational requirements.

Microsoft's AI Expansion

Microsoft has been proactive in augmenting its AI capabilities across various products, including Azure, Microsoft 365, and GitHub. Incorporating and marketing Databricks on Microsoft Azure would bolster its capacity to deliver to its business clientele. In 2018, Microsoft and Databricks announced a partnership to integrate Databricks' data analytics and AI platform into Azure as a primary service.

Microsoft and OpenAI's Relationship

The decision to collaborate with Databricks might impact Microsoft's relationship with OpenAI, in which Microsoft has invested over $10 billion. The partnership with Databricks could potentially influence OpenAI's revenue streams. Earlier this year, Microsoft revealed plans to invest an additional $10 billion in OpenAI, emphasizing its commitment to mainstreaming AI bots. The company had aspirations for OpenAI's to be integrated across various Microsoft programs, including the Office suite and the Bing search engine.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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