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Microsoft Teams 2.0 to Introduce New App for Meeting Management

The upcoming Meet app is designed to provide a centralized hub to assist users in preparing for meetings.


Microsoft is preparing to launch a new Meet app for Microsoft Teams 2.0, designed to centralize and streamline meeting management. The app will be exclusively available for customers on the new Microsoft Teams (preview) client starting next month, reports Petri.

Centralized Hub for Meeting Management

The Meet app is designed to provide a centralized hub to assist users in preparing for meetings, catching up on missed details, and locating meeting content, chats, notes, agendas, and recaps. The app will feature two main sections: “Up next” and “Recent”.

The “Up next” section, powered by AI, will offer content suggestions to help users find relevant files and documents quickly. It will also enable participants to view meeting invites and alerts, as well as resolve meeting-related issues with a single click. These include requesting recording, no RSVP, and notifying co-workers about running late to a meeting via meeting chat.

Recent Meetings and AI Insights

The “Recent” section will allow Microsoft Teams users to view a list of meetings scheduled within the last 30 days. It will also enable users to find invitees, transcripts, recordings, and attached/presented/shared files. Users can quickly access past meetings with filters, meeting labeling, and a search box.

For Microsoft Teams Premium customers, the Meet app will offer AI-powered meeting insights. These include personalized suggested tasks, mentions, and missed meetings.

Rollout and Availability

Microsoft plans to roll out the new Meet app in mid-August, with general availability expected in mid-September. The new Microsoft Teams app, launched in public preview in March 2023, is designed to be faster and less resource-intensive than the existing Microsoft Teams desktop client. It is expected to become the default client in September 2023.

Microsoft points out the team app will now install 3x faster on Windows and launch/join meetings two times faster. The app also has less of an impact on system resources, consuming 50 percent less memory and 70 percent less disk space.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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