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Microsoft Moves WSUS Update Import Process to PowerShell Script

The previous import updates function within WSUS using ActiveX has been replaced by a PowerShell script.


has altered the process of importing updates for Update Services (WSUS), replacing the previous ActiveX-based method with a new PowerShell script. The change was announced on the company's official tech community blog.

Transition from ActiveX to PowerShell

Previously, WSUS administrators could import updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog website using an ActiveX-based function. However, ActiveX has now been deprecated, with Microsoft favoring more modern technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript. As a result, the import updates function within WSUS has been replaced by a PowerShell script.

According to the tech community blog post, “You will now use this script to download the updates and have them imported to your WSUS server.”

Using the New PowerShell Script

Here are the step-by-step instructions to utilize the latest PowerShell script:

  1. Save the latest PowerShell script to your device
    • There are two ways to get this new script:

        • Follow your typical steps in WSUS admin user interface: Actions > Import Updates. You'll now be redirected to the documentation containing the script.
        • Go directly to PowerShell script to import updates into WSUS in the official WSUS and the Catalog site documentation.
  2. Access the Microsoft Update Catalog site in a web browser
  3. Search for the specific updates you wish to import into WSUS
  4. Copy the UpdateID for the update(s) (If importing multiple updates, create a text file with each UpdateID on a separate line)
  5. Paste the UpdateID into the PowerShell script
  6. Open a PowerShell console with administrative permissions
  7. Execute the PowerShell script in the console

Microsoft writes that the files for the imported updates are not downloaded at the time of import, and administrators should check their Update files settings to review or change when they are downloaded.

Continued Support and Updates

Microsoft has assured users that they can continue to check the WSUS and the Microsoft Update Catalog page for complete and up-to-date guidance on importing updates. The company also invites users to leave comments or questions on the blog post if they feel they are missing some information.

The WSUS import updates process changes are part of Microsoft's ongoing efforts to keep devices at organizations as protected as possible.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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