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Google to Block Internet Access for Some Employees in Bid to Improve Security

Google is experimenting with a new security measure that would restrict internet access for some employees.


is reportedly planning to implement a new security measure that will require some of its employees to work without internet access. The move is aimed at preventing unauthorized leaks of sensitive information and protecting the company's intellectual property.

According to a report by CNBC, Google will create a separate network for some of its engineers and researchers who work on confidential projects, such as artificial intelligence, , and quantum computing. The network will be isolated from the internet and will only allow access to Google's internal systems and resources.

Under the new program, some Google employees would be given computers that have no internet access. These employees would only be able to access internal Google websites and tools. The computers would also be locked down so that employees could not install new software or make changes to the operating system.

The report claims that Google has already started testing this network with a small group of employees, and plans to expand it to more teams in the future. The company hopes that this network will reduce the risk of data breaches, espionage, and sabotage by external actors or rogue insiders.

Managing the Caveats of Working Offline

However, the report also notes that this network will come with some drawbacks and challenges for the employees who use it. For instance, they will not be able to access external websites, email services, platforms, or online collaboration tools. They will also have to deal with slower speeds, limited storage, and restricted functionality. Moreover, they will have to undergo stricter background checks, security training, and compliance audits.

Google says that it is aware of the potential drawbacks of internet-free work and that it is working to address them. The company says that it is developing ways for employees to collaborate and access information even if they are not connected to the internet.

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