Microsoft Debuts Bing Chat Enterprise, Bringing AI Search to Businesses

At Microsoft Inspire 2023, the company launched Bing Chat Enterprise, a business-ready version of the AI search chatbot.

At Inspire, the company had a major announcement regarding its . Specifically, Microsoft revealed a new version of the chatbot that brings the AI to the workplace. Bing Chat Enterprise is available in Preview starting yesterday and brings a business-focused version of the increasingly popular AI search engine.

you need is your work account and you can chat with on or the Microsoft Edge sidebar. And that's not all, you will soon be able to chat from Windows Copilot as well. Microsoft claims Bing Chat Enterprise is unlike any other AI chat tool you have ever used. It is designed for the enterprise, which means it respects your data and your privacy.

When you chat with Bing Chat Enterprise, your chat data is not stored or shared with anyone, not even Microsoft. Your data is also not used to train the AI models, so you can be sure that your data is not influencing the AI's behavior. This is a very important difference from the regular Bing Chat, which does access some data to train itself.

Bing Chat Enterprise also gives users access to the best web data, so they can get answers that are complete and verified, with sources that can be trusted. Furthermore,  visual answers are available that include graphs, charts and images, to help employees understand complex information better. Microsoft adds that Bing Chat Enterprise adheres to its AI principles of fairness, reliability, safety and privacy.

Bing Chat Enterprise is Available Now

Bing Chat Enterprise is included at no additional cost in E3, E5, Business Standard and Business Premium. And if you don't have Microsoft 365, you can still get Bing Chat Enterprise as a stand-alone service for only $5 per user, per month. Microsoft is presenting the tool as a great opportunity to chat with AI at work and discover new insights, solutions and ideas that will help you achieve more.

Microsoft's Prometheus project led to the creation of Bing Chat which uses Microsoft's own AI with integrations from   into the search engine. Those  integrations include GPT-4 and DALL-E. Introduced in February, Bing Chat has been a driving force – alongside  – in the mainstreaming of AI large language models (LLCs).