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Google Reportedly Working on Chromebook X Premium ChromeOS Laptops

The Chromebook X program aims to distinguish premium Chromebooks from baseline models.


is reportedly preparing to launch a new line of high-quality laptops and tablets under the “Chromebook X” program, according to 9to5Google. The initiative aims to elevate the Chromebook experience, distinguishing premium models from their baseline counterparts.

Chromebook X: More than Just a Chromebook

The report says that the Chromebook X program is Google's response to the evolving capabilities of . Over the past half-decade, these devices have transformed from basic tools for web browsing and file management to powerful machines capable of running apps, video editing suites like LumaFusion, and even full Linux desktop programs. However, these advanced features necessitate more than just baseline hardware.

Chromebook X Branding Initiative

The Chromebook X branding, which may change before its official launch, is said to be displayed on the chassis of laptops and tablets, possibly as a simple “X” next to the standard “Chromebook” logo. A unique boot screen is also expected to replace the current “” logo. The Chromebook X brand is anticipated to represent high-quality devices in the $350-500 range, targeting a market segment that includes models like the Lenovo Flex 3i, Acer Chromebook Spin 514, and Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2.

Hardware Specifications and Exclusive Features

The report suggests that Chromebook X devices will be required to have a certain amount of RAM, a high-quality camera for video conferencing, and a high-end display. Google has reportedly prepared for Chromebook X models to be built on four types of processors from Intel and AMD, including AMD Zen 2+, AMD Zen 3, and Intel Core 12th Gen.

9to5Google also reports that one of the key focuses of Chromebook X is video conferencing, with Google introducing unique features like Live Caption, a built-in portrait blur effect, and “voice isolation” to these devices. Other exclusive features include “Time Of Day” wallpapers and screensavers that change in appearance throughout the day, support for up to 16 virtual desks, “pinned” files from Google Drive available offline, and a revamped retail demo mode.

Expected Launch Timeline

Sources have reportedly indicated that Chromebook X devices are expected to start launching by the end of this year. The launch is likely to be a coordinated effort, similar to the simultaneous announcement of the first wave of cloud gaming Chromebooks last year. The Chromebook X branding will reportedly only appear on a device when using ChromeOS version 115 or newer, which is already available for Beta testing and should launch sometime next month.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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