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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024: The Future of Flight Simulation is Here

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 - a sequel to the 2020 game - makes a surprise debut at the company's Xbox showcase.


Microsoft has surprised the gaming world with the announcement of a new sequel to its acclaimed Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The new simulator, dubbed Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 (FS2024), promises to take the simulation genre to the next level with cutting-edge technologies, stunning graphics and immersive gameplay.

According to the official website, FS2024 is powered by the significantly evolved Asobo Studio engine, which leverages cloud computing, machine learning, improved graphics and gaming features to create the most sophisticated, immersive and awe-inspiring flight simulator of all time.

FS2024 will offer a variety of careers and missions for players to pursue their dream of an aviation career, such as aerial firefighting, search and rescue, helicopter cargo transport, air ambulance, agricultural aviation, mountain rescue, skydive aviation, aerial construction, industrial cargo transport, VIP charter service, air racing, glider pilot, scientific research, experimental flight, low altitude training, executive transport service, airship tours and hot air balloon trips.

The simulator will also feature highly detailed airports and vehicles, realistic vegetation and people models, shipping and offshore equipment, helicopter mountain rescue missions and more. The trailer released by Microsoft showcases some of these features in stunning 4K resolution.

Dune Expansion Coming to Flight Simulator 2020

FS2024 will be a standalone simulator and the sequel to Microsoft Flight Simulator launched in 2020. Current aircraft and airports in FS2020 and virtually all Marketplace add-ons will function in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. Add-ons purchased from the in-simulator Marketplace will not need to be re-purchased in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

Microsoft has also assured that it will continue to support FS2020 after the launch of FS2024 with content ranging from Aircraft and Avionics Updates, Sim Updates, City and World Updates and the free Dune DLC. To emphasize the point, the company announced an expansion with Dune Part II for Flight Simulator 2020.

It is a collaboration between Microsoft, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures to bring the renowned Dune film franchise to life in the simulator. The expansion will launch on November 3, 2023, the same day as the theatrical release of Dune: Part Two, the second installment of the Dune film adaptation directed by Denis Villeneuve.

The expansion will allow players to fly an Atreides Ornithopter, a unique aircraft that mimics the flight of a bird, through the desert planet of Arrakis, also known as Dune. The expansion will feature authentic details and controls of the ornithopter, as well as stunning locations from the Dune universe.

FS2024 will be released in 2024 and will be available on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Windows 10/11 and Steam. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is set to be a game-changer for the simulation genre and a must-have for aviation enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project.

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