Google Updates Duet AI with New Features to Automate Tasks, Generate Content, and Collaborate with Others

Google's Duet AI gets a major upgrade with new features and integrations, including the ability to automate tasks, generate content, and collaborate with others.

has announced a number of improvements to its for Enterprise, which is now available for pre-order. Specifically, the company is rolling out improvements for natural language processing, more capabilities, and new AI integrations for .

Improved natural language processing: Duet AI can now better understand natural language, which will make it easier to use for tasks such as creating and editing documents, writing emails, and scheduling meetings.

Duet AI now uses a new model that can better understand natural language. This means that Duet AI can now better understand what users are saying and writing, which will make it easier to use for tasks such as creating and editing documents, writing emails, and scheduling meetings.

In terms of collaboration, Duet AI can now collaborate with users in real time, which will make it easier to work on documents and projects together. The AI can now collaborate with users in real time. This means that multiple users can work on a document or project at the same time, and Duet AI can help to keep track of changes and suggestions.

Gmail is also getting new upgrades to its AI capabilities. Google says Duet can now help users with tasks such as finding and organizing emails, drafting new emails, and managing their inbox.

Improving Productivity with Duet AI

These new features are designed to make Duet AI a more powerful and versatile tool for users of Google Workspace Enterprise. The new features are available now for pre-order, and will be released to all users in the coming months.

Google announced Duet AI back in March. Google's Duet AI is a suite of tools designed to collaborate with users and make work processes more efficient and creative. Similar to 365 Copilot, Duet AI builds on the success of Google's previous AI-driven features that have helped users write over 180 billion times in the last year alone.

Duet AI is already integrated into several Google Workspace applications, including Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Meet. In Gmail, Duet AI can now be used on mobile to draft complete responses with just a few words as a prompt. Google says that contextual assistance will be added soon, which will allow users to “create professional replies that automatically fill in names and other relevant information.”

Duet AI is still under development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way people work. By automating tasks, generating content, and collaborating with others, Duet AI can help users save time, improve accuracy, and be more productive.