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Microsoft Designer with DALL-E AI Is Now Available to Everyone

Microsoft Designer, which provides features similar to Bing Image Creator in an app is now available without a waitlist.


has announced that its new graphic design app, , is now available to all Microsoft 365 subscribers without a waitlist. The app, which was launched in beta last year, uses artificial intelligence to help users create stunning visuals and graphics for various purposes.

At Ignite 2022, Microsoft announced a big integration for DALL∙E 2 in Azure DevOps Service, building on the company's powerful partnership with OpenAI. it delivers DALL∙E 2 benefits on to provide AI art capabilities. It essentially works as an editor with drag-and-drop functionality. Microsoft is positioning it as a rival to apps such as Canva.

Available in Microsoft Office, the tool allows users to create illustrative components. Features include text editing, templates, and stock images and videos. The AI specializes in generating realistic images from art and adding a natural language description to them.

DALL-E 2 is an image-generating AI that was co-developed by and Microsoft. Redmond provided an Azure-powered supercomputer to create the AI. This was the same computing system that built the GPT AI engine, which is now up to GPT-4 and powering services such as and Copilot.

Bing Image Creator Sits Alongside Microsoft Designer

In March, Microsoft launched Bing Image Creator, which adds DALL-E/Microsoft Designer capabilities directly into Bing. It sits alongside the company's Bing Chat GPT-4 powered chatbot.

is one of Microsoft's latest tools for AI and web services. The tool can create images based on simple words or phrases, such as animals, objects, landscapes, or abstract concepts. However, the tool also has some limitations and restrictions. For example, it refused to make an image based on the word “Bing” when it was first released.

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