Researchers from Palo Alto’s Networks Unit 42 say there is a new variant of the Mirai botnet was used to exploit a host of flaws to target IoT devices. Specifically, Mirai V3G4 was used to attempt to exploit over a dozen flaws between July and December 2022.

The vulnerabilities are as followed:

It seems the attackers were trying to infect IoT systems and targeting the largest IoT networks possible. They were attempting to compose a botnet that would be able to carry out multiple attacks at the same time. Some of the threats were DDoS (distributed denial of service).


Palo Alto points out that there appear to be three Mirai V3G4 campaigns were in use, all from the same threat actor or group. A total of 13 vulnerabilities were targeted to carry out remote code execution attacks on IoT devices.

“The vulnerabilities mentioned above have less attack complexity than previously observed variants, but they maintain a critical security impact that can lead to remote code execution. Once the attacker gains control of a vulnerable device in this manner, they could take advantage by including the newly compromised devices in their botnet to conduct further attacks such as DDoS. Therefore, it is highly recommended that patches and updates are applied when possible.”

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