In response to rumors of changes in Apple’s platform rules, Mozilla is developing a non-WebKit version of Firefox for iOS. The development can be seen in Mozilla’s GitHub repository, which contains code for the iOS version of Firefox and references to GeckoView, a wrapper for Firefox’s Gecko rendering engine.

Anticipating Changes in Apple’s Policy

However, under Apple’s current App Store rules, browser apps must use its WebKit browser engine, making it impossible for any version of Firefox based on Gecko to be released. But with the inclusion of a settings page for toggling GeckoView, it appears that Mozilla is preparing for possible changes to Apple’s policy.
In light of the growing antitrust scrutiny and the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, it is rumored that Apple may soon drop its browser engine restriction, allowing for sideloading and third-party App Stores in Europe. Antitrust watchdogs have recommended this move in several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan.

Chromium might switch to “Blink”

Additionally, it seems that Google’s Chromium team is also preparing for potential policy changes with the development of a new browser for iOS based on Blink. Mozilla and Google are not the only ones preparing for Apple’s App Store policy changes. With growing antitrust scrutiny and the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, it is expected that Apple will make major changes to its platform rules in the near future.

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