The artificial intelligence floodgates are open and the commercialization and mainstreaming of AI models is underway. This quick trend shift has been mostly driven by OpenAI’s natural language processing ChatGPT chatbot, alongside Microsoft’s relationship with the AI developer. Apparently, this has spurred Google into action and the company is now readying its own ChatGPT-like bot.

ChatGPT has been grabbing headlines. It is a responsive chatbot that can return natural responses to queries with startling accuracy. Well, accuracy is the wrong word because ChatGPT is sometimes incorrect even if the answer it surfaces seems legit. To address that OpenAI has sent out an update to improve accuracy.

Despite that, ChatGPT has become a mainstream viral trend. Even so, it is what is happening in tech that is arguably more defining long term. ChatGPT has shone a light on AI and it highlights both the dangers and wonders of the technology. At the same time, Microsoft is being vocal about now being all in on AI.

The company has invested billions more into OpenAI and is working on folding ChatGPT and other GPT-3 AI models into Bing searches, Office apps, and even Windows 12.

Apprentice Bard

As this has all happened in a month, Google has been taken off guard. The company has its own AI aspirations and is a major investor in machine learning technology. However, the quick surge of AI and Microsoft’s commitment apparently sent alarm bells off at Google, which now fears it is being left behind.

That is why the company has now given a green light to over 20 AI projects this year, including the MusicLM bot that can generate its own musical creations. Another project looks to copy and/or build on ChatGPT. Known as “Apprentice Bard,” the chatbot will give responses to questions in natural language.

A report from CNBC says Google is using an AI known as Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). It will have one benefit over ChatGPT… its ability to tap into recent events. ChatGPT has a knowledge base up to events in 2021, with limited knowledge afterwards. Apprentice Bard will understand newer events.

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