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Project Phoenix Promises a Modern Microsoft Edge Overhaul

Microsoft Edge Project Phoenix could reimage the web browser with a new design and productivity tools.


is reportedly running internal tests looking for feedback for a modern reimagining of the web browser. Specifically, the company wants to introduce a new user interface and add more productivity tools. The work is happening currently under the name Project Phoenix.

Windows Central reports Microsoft Edge Project Phoenix is mostly a concept that the company is working on behind closed doors. It has been under development since midway through 2022 and is designed to help Edge better compete against market leader Chrome.

It seems that Microsoft is looking to add interesting features to Project Phoenix and has been asking testers internally to provide feedback. Some of those features have already made their way to preview builds of the current Edge browser.

One example is the new Split View feature that I reported on this week. While this is a split screen tool, it has different behavior to classic desktop screen splitting that is already available on Windows. Specifically, the Split Screen in Microsoft Edge will split two tabs into a single window instead of splitting two windows onto the screen.


Among the rumored features for Edge Phoenix is a Tab Activity Center to allow users to see how they are using the browser. Microsoft is also reportedly exploring the possibility of Edge becoming the system-wide password manager on Windows.

However, it is unlikely that any of these features will do much to push up Edge usage. While Microsoft's browser has been growing its user-base consistently, it still lags far behind . While the features and a new-look Edge Phoenix are interesting, they are unlikely to move the needle too much and will not appeal to casual users.

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