Hands up if you remember the Surface Earbuds. You can be forgiven for forgetting about this product as consumers were not rushing out to replace their AirPods. Microsoft’s quirky in-ear buds did not even win over hardcore Surface fans after launching in 2020. So, it is hardly a surprise that Microsoft has seemingly abandoned the product.

A Windows Central report details the reasons why it is obvious the Surface Earbuds are not on Microsoft’s radar. The company will not improve the existing first-generation model and there is almost no chance of a second-generation upgrade.

Over two years old, the Surface Earbuds are actually still available as a new product and still for an MSRP of $200 (currently on sale for $160). Don’t go rushing out for that deal as there are loads of better rival buds you could buy for the same or lower price.

And that’s part of the problem with the Surface Earbuds and why Microsoft is has abandoned them. The hardware was not the best, while the strange design was decisive (subjective, so I will be diplomatic). Then there have been numerous software bugs, such as random clicking, fuzzy sound, and others. Amazingly, those issues have persisted since the launch of the product.

No Update

More problematic is the fact that Microsoft has not sent out a firmware update for the Surface buds since September 2020. That is 28 months ago, which means the device has been left to rot in its various bugs and problems.

It seems cheeky of Microsoft to still be selling a product at a premium price that it does not even support anymore.

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