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Intel Breaks AMD’s Overclocking Record with Help from Asus

Intel Core i9-13900K is not the highest clocking CPU of all-time, beating a world record held by AMD for eight years.


AMD has been sitting on the CPU overclocking (OC) world record since 2018 when the AMD FX 8370 reached 8722.78 MHz back in 2014. However, after 8 years the record has finally fallen. AMD's rival has managed to set a new record of 9008.82 MHz, becoming the first CPU to clock over 9GHz.

The previous record was achieved by “The Stilt” CPU, a variant of AMD's Piledriver-based FX 8350 CPU. The 8370 was able to reach its 8722.78 MHz by using liquid nitrogen. The CPU was designed from the ground up to be ultra-fast and lived up to expectations.

It has been a good run for AMD's record, but Intel has made a new breakthrough running on the Elmor overclocker. This is the in-house overclocker from Asus. Furthermore, Intel also worked with overclocking service SkatterBencher to break the 9GHz barrier using its Intel Core i9-13900K chipset.

The i9 was running on an Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Apex motherboard and instead using liquid nitrogen it used Liquid Helium. Intel admits that it was necessary to break the Core i9-13900K to only use performance cores (P-cores).


Even so, the company was able to deliver its record on the following specifications:

Here are the specs of the OC bench:

  • Intel Core™ i9-13900K
  • 32GB DDR5-5600 CL46 RAM
  • Kinston A400 120GB SSD
  • Windows 7 64-bit

Intel's i9-13900K is a commercial processor but it will not reach this level of performance without gimping and under specific conditions. Although, the upcoming Core i9-13900KS replacement will run with full turbo mode and the company says will offer the fastest commercial clocking of all time.

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