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Microsoft Collaborates with Isovalent to Boost Azure Kubernetes Service

Microsoft and Isovalent are teaming up to bring eBPF integrations into Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).


and Isovalent on Monday announced a furtherment of their ongoing partnership that will boost Microsoft's Azure Service (AKS). Specifically, the collaboration will bring eBPF capabilities to AKS for the first time.

Although eBPF integrations in Azure Kubernetes Service are still in internal although one seems to be more advanced. Specifically, that is Isovalent's Cilium service within AKS. This solution allows “eBPF-powered networking, observability and security.”

According to the two companies, Cilium works natively through Azure Container Networking Interface (CNI). Furthermore, the preview will arrive for customers to use early next year. Microsoft also points out that the Cilium Enterprise solution will also become a Kubernetes container app on the Azure Container Marketplace.

“With this tight integration, customers who also want advanced Isovalent Cilium Enterprise capabilities, will be offered one-click deployment and upgrade for Cilium Enterprise features to a new or existing AKS cluster with a much simpler and more reliable experience.

Cilium Enterprise will be built with native integration with Azure networking platform to offer advanced features and capabilities with best-in-class performance and scale. Microsoft and Isovalent will also collaborate to include joint testing, compatibility, and versioning checks, along with seamline support to ensure Cilium Enterprise runs best on Azure.”


Azure Kubernetes Service was launched in preview during 2017. Microsoft is giving cloud customers the ability to get automatic upgrades, a hosted control plane, and self-healing capabilities. Azure customers are able to scale clusters more easily for the first time.

The eBPF integrations from Isovalent will also receive automatic updates, unified billing, and other built-in features directly within AKS.

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