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Sony Planning PlayStation 6 (PS6) Launch in 2027, Leak Reveals

Sony tells the UK’s competition regulator that it will launch the PlayStation 6 before Microsoft’s Call of Duty deal will end.


The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is currently investigating 's $69bn acquisition of . Interested parties have submitted documents to the investigators. Microsoft and Activision Blizzard are painting the merger in a positive light, while rival Sony thinks the acquisition will result in Microsoft having a gaming monopoly.

In documents submitted by Sony, the company suggests it will launch the PlayStation 6 in 2027. While the company does not offer a specific date, it is easy to deduce from Sony's comments that 2027 is a likely launch date.

One of the main points of contention between Microsoft and Sony is the former's plans with Activision Blizzard franchises such as Candy Crush, Warcraft, and Call of Duty. Microsoft insists it will keep these titles available cross-platform, while Sony has concerns they will become Xbox exclusives.


Despite Microsoft's insistence, Sony argues the company has only committed to keeping Activision games on PlayStation until 2027. In its document, the PlayStation company says the following:

“By the time SIE launched the next generation of its PlayStation console (which is likely to occur around [redacted]), it would have lost access to Call of Duty”. Considering the deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation ends in 2027, it stands to reason that the PS6 will be available by then.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Microsoft will stick to its word and renegotiate for Call of Duty to remain cross-platform. Sony is not counting on it. Still, we at least know that the company has a clear roadmap for when the next generation of PlayStation will launch.

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SourceCMA (PDF)
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