Microsoft Launches Accessibility Nonprofit Tech Accelerator to Help Close the Disability Divide

Microsoft Accessibility Nonprofit Tech Accelerator (NTA) is a new program that aims to help disability-focused nonprofits.

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has been ramping up its efforts for nonprofits during this year, including the Microsoft Security Program for Nonprofits and a pledge to increase its spending to help nonprofits over the next five years. This week, the company is launching the new Microsoft Accessibility Nonprofit Tech Accelerator (NTA) program.

In a blog post, Microsoft's head of Access Technology Program, Sunday Parker explains her own personal journey to become a champion of nonprofits.

With the Accessibility Nonprofit Tech Accelerator, Microsoft is creating a program that provides support for nonprofits focusing on disabilities. NTA gives access to Microsoft's enterprise-grade technology to help.

Microsoft says a grant round will start in 2023 and a pilot program will be available for a “small subset” of nonprofits that are helping to reduce the Disability Divide.


To provide further information, Microsoft is hosting an Accessibility for Nonprofits Webinar on December 6. In that session, Microsoft will talk about the following points:

  • “Accessibility Nonprofit Tech Accelerator 2023 grant program that provides selected organizations with technology grants and dedicated specialist staff to support your mission.
  • Access to Microsoft Philanthropies grants and discounts across our nonprofit cloud products including Azure, Dynamics 365, and for all registered 501 c3 organizations.
  • Microsoft Accessibility team will share our commitment to disability nonprofit partners, our work on AI for Accessibility & Innovation.”

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