AMD Rolls out New Chipset Driver

AMD is rolling out driver version for its chipsets, adding Socker AM5, SHA256, and USB4 debugging with DFX support.

Chip giant AMD is this week releasing its newest chipset driver, bringing its CPUs to version Included in this package is support for Socker AM5 motherboards. This is an important addition for users who have the X670E and X670 mainboards, as well as the soon-to-launch B650 and B650E boards.

Furthermore, AMD is also baking in support of SHA256 certification within the new driver. The company points out this support makes chips more secure than previous hashing algorithms. Other new capabilities in version include USB4 debugging with DFX support.

Additionally, the driver now has better AMD Sensor Fusion Hub (SFH) capabilities.

Release Notes

Here are AMD's official changes for driver version

  • SHA256 certified driver support added
  • AM5 program support added

AMD also lists the following open issues:

  • Sometimes custom install fails to upgrade to latest drivers.
  • Text alignment issues may be seen on Russian language.
  • Manual system restart required on Non-English OS after the installation is complete.
  • Uninstall summary log may incorrectly show uninstall status as fail on non-English OS.

AMD points out that its cumulative drivers already come with support for 2022 Update. Users can download the driver update here.

yesterday announced the new Surface Laptop 5. Unlike previous models of the device, the company is no longer offering an AMD version. Instead, the new Surface Laptop 5 is only available running Intel's Evo platform.

The company did not explain why it was ditching the AMD variant. It does mean customers have less choice when buying the new Surface Laptop.

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