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Microsoft Store Open Source App Policy Offers Better Support

Microsoft has confirmed policy changes for the Microsoft Store that allow developers to list open source applications.


Just over a week ago, said it will be reversing a decision to ban apps from the . Now, the company is putting that decision into action through an update to policy 11.2.

Under the previous Microsoft Store policies stated that apps cannot “attempt to profit from open-source or other software that is otherwise generally available for free, nor be priced irrationally high relative to the features and functionality provided by your product.”

While Microsoft is keeping the part about commercial profit-seeking apps, those that are free or priced reasonably will remain. In its policy 11.2 updates, the company details the changes it is making:

“All content in your product and associated metadata must be either originally created by the application provider, appropriately licensed from the third-party rights holder, used as permitted by the rights holder, or used as otherwise permitted by law. Reporting infringement complaints can be done via our online form.”


Microsoft insists this was its goal the whole time and developer unease was just a misunderstanding.

Open source apps have been available on the Microsoft Store for some time. Moreover, Microsoft has often positioned itself as a champion of open source app developers. With the previous policy, many developers thought Microsoft was being too harsh on commercial open source apps.

It is unclear if Microsoft will return to change this policy in the future. However, the company's insistence this was always the plan points to at least some finality.

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Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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