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Microsoft Bing Maps Gains Distance Calculator, Gas Prices, and Parking Advice

A major update for Bing Maps has brought three really useful features: Distance Calculation, Gas Prices, and Parking Finder.


Bing is going through a major update. In an official blog post, Microsoft discusses the new enhancements it is making to . Specifically, the app will now allow users to calculate distances between locations, find estimates for gas prices, and help you locate available parking spots.

The update to Bing Maps ties loosely with the travel-centric search tools Microsoft added to Bing earlier this year.

Travellers using the platform can now plan their vacations but also their travel arrangements. The Distance Calculation app in Bing Maps is a useful tool. Users enter the starting point and final destination and Bing will automatically calculate the distance between the two points.

Maps will also show you several route options. It is also possible to move around the route and choose different roads and detours.


Gas and Parking

The Gas Prices Map feature lands at a good time when gas prices are soaring. Microsoft says the tool is powered by the Isochrone API and allows you to see gas prices within a 5-mile radius of your location.

“You'll notice the branded icons on the left navigation panel with name, address, and price information per station along with pins on the map. Clicking on any of the pins will pop up a callout that gives you the same information, plus the last date and time the information was updated. There's also a link to get directions from within Bing Maps”.

Lastly, Bing Maps will find you parking spots with the new Parking Finder App. This tool allows you to see information such as the operating hours, phone number, and address of the parking location.

“Even before you select a parking lot by clicking on the respective pin on the map, you'll get a list with contextual information such as address, hours, and a phone number at the left of the map. Hovering over each “P” pin may also get information about the type of lot such as outdoor and self-parking plus the payment types they accept if that information is available. Getting there is just as easy as finding gas stations in a map app.”

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