Microsoft is updating its OneNote note-taking application on the Windows platform. Amongst the changes coming in the latest refresh is a new inking ability, updates when a device is locked, and page-sorting. Microsoft is also discussing upcoming features like AI dictation and more.

Despite Microsoft saying it was working on developing a single OneNote experience for Windows last August, the unified app has not arrived yet. It is a confusing situation that sees the OneNote app in Office and a separate Windows 10 app in the Microsoft Store.

This update is for the OneNote app that is baked into Microsoft 365 as a native app in Office on Windows 11. Although, it too can be installed as a standalone application. This is the version that got a design refresh to meet the aesthetics of Windows 11.

That design overhaul is now expanding to also include full-screen mode and individual navigation panes.

“We obsessed over every rounded corner and animation to bring a new level of polish to the app,” Microsoft boasts. 

The company has also added a new unread indicator to show when content has not been read. There is also a new options ribbon known as the “simplified ribbon”. This provides more screen real estate if the user wants.

Upcoming Features

Microsoft will soon add the ability to add more voice abilities, new inking tools, camera options, and AI voice commands. That latter feature will allow editing, formatting, and text organization through voice.

A new page sorting tool gives users the ability to sort their pages alphabetically, modification date, or creation date. Microsoft is also enhancing the sharing options to include the ability to Copy Link to Notebook and Share Entire Notebook.

Tip of the day:

File History is a Windows back up feature that saves each version of files in the Documents, Pictures, Videos, Desktop, and Offline OneDrive folders. Though its name implies a primary focus on version control, you can actually use it as a fully-fledged backup tool for your important documents.