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Microsoft Makes ARM Push at Build: Project Volterra and Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft has given more details about the Project Volterra mini PC, while also discussing a new Arm64 version of Visual Studio 2022.


At Build 2022 yesterday, Microsoft announced Project Volterra, a new hardware platform. Not many details were available at the time of the announcement, but has now expanded on the project. It seems Volterra is part of a wider ARM push that also sees Microsoft developing Visual Studio 2022 with native Arm64.

Starting with Project Volterra, Microsoft says this is a mini PC device that it has built in collaboration with . Specifically, by using an ARM-based Snapdragon processor and a neural processing unit (NPU). This device will allow developers to create native AI apps for the cloud.

Volterra is a relatively non-descript mini PC that seems to take design cues from Apple's Mac Mini. Microsoft points out it is stackable, so developers can link multiple Project Volterra units together. Despite offering more details on the project, Microsoft has yet to discuss all specs, a specific launch, or pricing.

“We want you to build cloud native AI applications,” says Windows and devices chief Panos Panay. “With native Arm64 Visual Studio, .NET support and Project Volterra coming later this year, we are releasing new tools to help you take the first step on this journey.”

Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft is also developing a new version of Visual Studio 2022 that will be based on ARM. The company says this version will land in preview in the coming weeks, ahead of a full launch later in the year. That full launch will coincide with the release of Arm64 .NET support.

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