Microsoft Dev Box Provides Virtual Workstations

Microsoft Dev Box expands Azure Virtual Desktop to provide cloud-based virtual workstations for developers.


has opened its conference today, and one of the company's announcements is a new service called Microsoft Dev Box. The platform builds on the Azure Virtual by providing a new service for developers.

Microsoft Dev Box provides developers with a way to create a virtual machine that is configured automatically through the company's cloud infrastructure. This can be done without needing to setup workstations.

With Dev Box, developers can configure their team members and images to allow instant coding on virtual machines. In its announcement blog post, Microsoft provides the following details:

“Microsoft Dev Box ensures developers always have the right tools and resources based on project, task, and even role. When building Dev Boxes, dev teams select from a range of SKUs to define the right level of compute for each project and instantly scale up aging physical . Thanks to Azure Active Directory integration, teams can rapidly onboard new team members by assigning them to Azure Active Directory groups that grant access to the Dev Boxes they need for their projects.

By deploying Dev Boxes in the developer's local region and connecting via the Azure Global Network, dev teams ensure remote team members have a high-fidelity experience and gigabit connection speeds wherever they are in the world. When outsourcing to external teams, dev teams can tighten up network by establishing role-based permissions that provide greater flexibility for internal developers while limiting access for external contractors.”


Importantly, Dev Box works with all developer IDE platforms, any development kit, or any internal tool that is compatible with . Furthermore, creations functions on IoT, , , and desktop applications through Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Microsoft says the tool is available on Windows, , iOS, Android, and on the web. Dev Box is not available in private preview. Microsoft plans a public preview in the coming months. You can check out the preview here:

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