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Meta Horizon World Gets Saleable Virtual Items

Meta is adding two new ways to monetize content for creators on the Horizon Worlds metaverse virtual reality game.


parent company Meta says it is expanding the monetization of its Horizon Worlds game. In an effort to boost creators, Meta is adding two new abilities: creating and then selling virtual items, and bonuses for goal-led monthly subscriptions.

If you're unfamiliar with Horizon Worlds, it is a relatively new game that is currently only available in the United States and Canada. It runs on Rift and is one of the new games directly targeting the metaverse. Below is the official description for the game:

“Horizon Worlds is a social experience where you can explore, play and create. Discover new places with friends, solve interactive puzzles or form teams to compete in action-packed games. Design worlds of your own or get to know other members of the community and be inspired by their creations. In Horizon Worlds, you're not just a visitor. You're part of what makes it great.”

Meta wants to make the game a desirable place for creators and adding monetization features is one way to do it.

Bonuses Too

Virtual items allow creators to build accessories and sell them, such as fashion items within the game. Other ideas offered by Meta include selling access to other worlds. In the future, creators will have the ability to generate their own methods for building income on the game. However, creators must be aged 18 or over and live in the U.S. or Canada.

The company also discusses monthly goal-oriented bonuses for Horizon Worlds:

“These bonuses come in the form of goal-oriented monthly programs where the creators are paid out at the end of the month for their progress toward the goal. Creator bonuses are not subject to fees and will be paid to creators in full. For now, in this limited test, but over time we may evolve these goals, for example, to encourage creators to adopt new tools or features we roll out.”

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