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Windows 11: Microsoft to Bring Back Some Discontinued Features

Microsoft is preparing a bunch of new features for Windows 11 Insiders, fleshing out the overall functionality of the platform.


users on the of the Insider Program are getting a new update that adds interesting new features to the platform. While the upcoming update is not official, sources say is planning the roll out this week.

Many of the new features will fill some functionality gaps that Microsoft planned for the first shipping release of Windows 11 but did not finalize in time.

Dev Channel builds usually drop weekly, but Microsoft has skipped a week leading to speculation about a bigger update. The company has been working on extra features to bring to the public preview.

First up is the addition of app folders in the . Microsoft says this is a much-requested feature that allows users to drag and drop apps into group folders on Start. This new folder will house whichever apps are placed within it. The obvious advantage is the potential to clean up the Start menu.

Elsewhere Microsoft is introducing the Snap Bar, which is a new function for snapping multiple apps into Windows 11's grid. Currently it is only possible to snap app windows through a drop down menu or by actively dragging a window corner. With the Snap Bar, users will see a new panel on the top of the screen for clicking and dragging windows.

More Features

Microsoft is also making a UI change in older title bars, adding blur effects and acrylic instead of the legacy white bar. There are also changes coming to Quick Settings and the Start Menu in the form of new gestures for tablet users. Swiping from the bottom of the screen will call the Start menu and Quick Settings panel.

Specifically, a swipe up in the System Tray, the Quick Settings app will launch. While a swipe anywhere else will call the Stare menu.

Windows 11 users will also get the new Taskbar experience Microsoft discussed last year. Specifically, drag and drop, new UI design, and an automatic hide feature in Tablet mode.

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