How to Play Sound through Both Speakers and Headphones in Windows 11

We show you how to play sound through both speakers and headphones in Windows 11 through the ever-useful Stereo Mix tool.

While it's not something everyone will need to do, at some point you may wonder how to play sound through both speakers and headphones in / .

For example, you could be working at your PC but want to play your music for others in the house. Or, perhaps you're producing music or a podcast and need to check what it sounds like on multiple devices.

Output audio to multiple devices in Windows 11 / Windows 10

Whatever the reason, you should know that there are several ways to play sound through headphones and speakers simultaneously (Windows 11 multiple sound output), but one that's easiest.

The method we'll show today won't require any third-party software or adapters and takes just a few seconds. Unless you have a specific requirement, there's little reason to use anything else. Let's start:

How to Play Sound Through Headphones and Speakers at the Same in Windows 11

Before we start, make sure you plug in both devices. If you're wondering how to play sound through an HDMI and speakers simultaneously in Windows 11, you can modify this method to fit, so plug the HDMI in too.

You can also use this to play audio through two pairs of headphones at once, or any other combination of audio devices. Just follow the steps below, paying particular attention to the device you choose in step 6:

  1. Right-click the speaker icon on your taskbar and choose “Sound settings”


    Windows 11 - Open Sound Settings

  2. Click “System” in the sidebar and press “More sound settings” at the bottom of the main pane


    Windows 11 - Sound Settings - More Sound Settings

  3. Open the “Playback” tab, right-click your headphones, and choose “Set as Default Device”


    Windows 11 - Sound Settings - Playback - Realtek Audio - Set as Default Device

  4. Open the “Recording” tab, click on “Stereomix”, and press “Properties”


    Windows 11 - Sound Settings - Recording - Open Stereomix Properties

  5. Open the “List” tab and tick “Listen to this device”


    Windows 11 - Sound Settings - Recording - Stereomix Properties Listen - Check Listen to this Device

  6. Select your speakers (or HDMI) from the “Playback through this device” list

    Press “OK” when you're done. If the audio doesn't play through your speakers immediately, you may need to restart your PC or log in and out for the changes to take effect.

    Windows 11 - Sound Settings - Recording - Stereomix Properties Listen - Play Speakers Through this Device

How to Enable Stereo Mix and Record Windows System Audio

Windows 10 - Settings - Manage sound devices - activate Stereo Mix

If you don't have the Stereo Mix device in your playback devices, you may need to record it manually. You can do this by following the first few steps of our how to use stereo mix to record Windows system audio guide.

How to Hear Yourself on Mic in Windows via Microphone Playback

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If you're looking to listen to yourself on Mic through your speakers instead, the process is slightly different. You can follow our dedicated guide to get everything set up.