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Xbox Cloud Gaming Scores New Clarity Boost Ability



Microsoft is bringing and interesting new feature to its (Project xCloud) platform. Specifically, the new Clarity Boost feature will be available exclusively through the browser for Xbox Cloud Gaming customers.

Clarity Boost “uses a set of client-side scaling improvements to improve the visual quality of the video stream.”

In other words, Microsoft says games should look better when streaming through the Edge browser. The company offers a sample image to show the different. In the accompanying blog post, Microsoft says Clarity Boost improves graphical details and image quality.


At the moment, Clarity Boost is only available on the Microsoft Edge Canary channel, which is the first-entry testing hub for the browser. That means it needs to pass through the Dev and Beta channels before reaching the full browser experience.

Coming Soon

Microsoft says that should happen by 2022, bringing Clarity Boost to all Edge and Microsoft Cloud Gaming users. If you cannot wait until then and want to test the feature now, the Canary build is free to use by following these steps:

  1. Download Microsoft Edge Canary
  2. To confirm you are in Microsoft Edge Canary, navigate to edge://settings/help to make sure you are on version 96.0.1033.0 or later.
  3. To enable Clarity Boost, go to www.xbox.com/play, login and start a game
  4. Open the more actions (…) menu
  5. Select the Enable Clarity Boost option.

Of course, to see the difference in Xbox Cloud Gaming, you need to be a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you are unfamiliar with Cloud Gaming, it allows users to access Xbox Game Pass games on any device, with Microsoft's Azure handling all the resources.

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Last Updated on February 16, 2022 3:52 pm CET

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