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WinBuzzer News Microsoft Nearly Doubles Global Workforce since 2017

Microsoft now employs over 180,000 people across over 100 countries, with increases in women and minority staff since 2017.


It is widely reported and well-known that has going through a period of huge success and massive growth lasting over half a decade. This has led to plenty of positives for the company, including record-breaking revenues and profits. However, it has also had a positive impact outside Microsoft, notably on the jobs market.

Since 2017, Microsoft has increased its workforce by a significant amount. In the 2021 Microsoft Diversity and Inclusion Report, the company highlights its workforce size and demographics across the organizations.

Microsoft has operations in over 100 countries around the world and a total employee base of over 180,000 people. This is a 46.5% increase compared to just four years ago, reflecting Microsoft rapid and ongoing growth.

It is worth noting the study only looks at Microsoft itself and not employees from owned brands like GitHub and LinkedIn.

Employee Makeup

In terms of demographics, men still make up the majority of the workforce, with 29.7% of being women. 48.6% of employees are white, while 35.4% are Asian.

Microsoft says it was a slight 0.5% increase in the number of Hispanic and Latinx employees at 7%. Black representation increased by just under 1% to 5.7% overall. 7.1% of employees across Microsoft's global workforce are disabled.

“This past year was a challenging time for so many people, communities and organizations. Ongoing acts of hate and violence in the U.S. and around the world have continued to move racial injustice to the forefront of social consciousness, while the global pandemic has exacerbated inequities and upended our lives,” says Microsoft chief diversity officer Lindsay-Rae McIntyre.

“In the face of these realities, the sense of urgency to solve some of the biggest systemic problems of equality and inclusion is palpable. This report is an opportunity for us to quantify the impact of our work. Measurement and data are important to us, not only because they allow us to recognize progress, but also because it enables us to identify avenues and opportunities to do better.”

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