Microsoft has finally moved Xbox Cloud Gaming – which many know as Project xCloud – to custom Xbox Series X hardware. This means the cloud-based game streaming platform is now powered by the latest generation technology.

Speaking to The Verge, Microsoft says the upgrade means game load times and framerates will improve on Xbox Cloud Gaming. The company has been working on this shift for some time, including moving the platform to 60fps and 1080p resolution during the summer.

It seems now the full transition is complete. However, users are still not getting the full capabilities of the Xbox Series X. Specifically, there is still not 4K option for Xbox Cloud Gaming. Microsoft is not saying when that will arrive.

Maybe never, but it is worth remembering Microsoft wants to expand xCloud beyond mobile devices. They company envisions the cloud gaming platform on Smart TVs, so 4K resolution would be a huge bonus.

Recent Changes

The service is also arriving as an integration on the Xbox dashboard soon, allowing console users to access cloud gaming. The benefit of this is users will have access to the wider Xbox catalog without needing to purchase games.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available in 26 countries following a recent expansion to Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico. Users can access the platform through a subscription with Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft is also considering bringing Xbox Series X and Series S exclusives to Cloud Gaming. This would mean owners of the Xbox One and even other non-Microsoft devices will be able to access Xbox Series exclusives through Game Pass.

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