Microsoft is partnering with chipmaker AMD to develop a proprietary ARM processor for Windows laptops, according to reports. A tip from leaker FrontTron points to the collaboration as part of a report by Clien. It seems Microsoft and AMD will drive a new generation of Windows on ARM laptops running the silicon.

Windows on ARM has had mixed success… it has certainly not been a bold frontier of computing Microsoft was suggesting just a few years ago. Whether it is Microsoft own Surface Pro X or other laptops, the ARM revolution has been halted by patchy performance, app issues, and issues with chip selection.

It is unlikely we are going to get performance as good as top tier laptops, but it will get better. In fact, the leak suggests the performance will be a big improvement on previous Qualcomm chips used on Windows on ARM devices. However, it will not be as powerful as a laptop running a chip such as a GTX 1050.