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Microsoft Start Replaces Microsoft News on Windows 11, Android, iOS, and the Web

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Start on mobile, replacing Microsoft News. It will come to Windows 11 next month.


When launches on October 5, it will come with plenty of new features. Among them is , a tool that is launching today and is also available for iOS and . Start is a dedicated news feed that is personalized to the specific user, similar to the MSN feed in .

In fact, Start is a rebranding of these tools, effectively replacing Microsoft News and becoming available in the Microsoft Start menu. It will also be available in the Windows 11 widgets service. We have already seen the news and weather ticker as a widget on Windows 10.

More importantly, Microsoft Start is also replacing Microsoft News on mobile devices. In terms of how the service functions, not much will change. Sure, Microsoft Start gets the new UI design language from Windows 11, but it is still the same service at its core.



It hosts over 1,000 news publishers and Microsoft taps into its AI and machine learning tech to present personalized news items to users. Microsoft has made a big deal of how its news platform is better than others at avoiding fake news. In fact, the company points to a unique publishing model that removes fake news entirely.

For example, using human checkers as well as AI, although Microsoft did lay off dozens of workers from its editorial team last year. With that in mind, it is unclear how much of a role editors play moving forward or whether Microsoft Start relies entirely on AI.

As well as the Windows 11 integration and mobile apps, a web portal (MicrosoftStart.com) is also available on modern web browsers. You can check out Microsoft Start on your browser now, or on iOS and Android.  

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Last Updated on February 14, 2022 8:20 pm CET

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