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Microsoft Flight Simulator Delays Top Gun: Maverick Update Until 2022

Microsoft says the Top Gun: Maverick tie-in will now come to Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2022 because the movie is delayed.


Flight Simulator continues to wow gamers with its graphics and gameplay. Microsoft also keeps the game fresh by regularly sending out blockbuster updates. However, users will have to wait a little longer to get one anticipated update. Microsoft says the Top Gun: Maverick update has been pushed back until May 22, 2022.

Top Gun: Maverick is a movie starring Tom Cruise that serves as a direct sequel to the 1986 classic, Top Gun. Few movies have encapsulated the problems the COVID-19 pandemic caused to the movies business as Top Gun: Maverick.

While the movie was supposedly finished in late 2019 and scheduled to launch in 2020, it has been delayed multiple times. The latest delay seen Paramount push the film back from a November launch to May 27, 2022.

It seems frequent spikes in COVID cases around each launch windows of Top Gun: Maverick has meant the movie keeps getting delayed. There are other films in the same situation, such as the latest James Bond.

For all intents and purposes, the Microsoft Flight Simulator tie-in to Top Gun: Maverick is as finished as the movie. However, if the film is pushed back Microsoft must also push back the update. That means a longer wait to use planes and locations from the movie within the game.

World Update VI

Other planned updates have not been affected by the change. As we reported recently, Microsoft has several updates in store for the game. Notably the World Update VI, a free monster release that will bring a host of new features to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Microsoft will launch the update via the Flight Sim marketplace starting today (Sept 7).

Features landing on the World Update VI include new 3D cities Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, high-resolution elevation maps, and new aerial imagery.

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